A nano-engineering graduate from Thailand,

Interested in music, film, art, science and philosophy,

Currently unemployed but working as a tutor for high school student as a part time job.

This blog is for me to share my interest, experiences and attitude about things going on around me.

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         This afternoon, my mom asked me to check up the video tape player for her since she want to play the record of her wedding ceremony. I cleaned up and plugged it to a CRT TV, not sure if it was going to work.

         The machine made some noise so I put some of the video tape on, and some of the childhood memory was recalled.

         The funniest thing to see on the screen is my self, at the age of 1, dancing around with a round piggy face!! And, not to be bias, I was extremely cute back then!! LOL Another tape that made my day was a copy of Disney Animation, Chip ‘n’ Dale with Donald Duck. It was my favorite! One of my favorite episode so far is Three For Breakfast (follow this link: )

         So sad, they do not make more animation like that in these days. :”(

A perfect background track for a chill’n day ;)