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        Lavender oil is always my first choice for Aromatherapy. Its scent brings relaxing sensation that effectively reduce my stress. Further than that, every time I smell it, the snot is always magically wiped away from my nose!!

       This is so impressive!!

       So I googled just to know what kind of chemical in lavender yield such a fantastic respiratory-related result.


       Lavender is one of the mint family, the most noticeable characteristic is it small shrubs and the purple tiny petals. When picked up freshly, the odor can be sense by crushing the flower in bare hand. For some species of Lavender, the fragrance is sharper, depending on the amount of Terpenes ( Terpenes are organic compound produce by some plants and insects for protective purpose ).

      The oil is antiseptic and acti-inflammotory, it also regarded as a powerful allergen. With the main chemical component which are linalool, linalyl acetate and Terpenes, It is believed that the respiration benefits of Lavender oil is caused by Terpenes, which could be use in the treatment for some lung disorders.